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James is the proprietor of Arcadia Books. He is here most weekends, and more often when directing at American Players Theatre. He has finally succeeded in finding a job allowing him to read most days. Happiness.



Melanie is our Adult Book Buyer based in NYC. She spends way too much time reading and has way too many books in her apartment.



Nancy is our Co-Manager and Children's Books Buyer. Nancy feels the same way about books as she does about shoes—you can never have too many.



Todd is reading way more when he is not receiving books and managing inventory organization. He is the Co-Manager of Arcadia.


Katie is our events coordinator and graphic artist. She reads a lot of non-fiction because frankly, "truth is stranger than fiction."

Natalie has been an Arcadian since Day One. In addition to being a bookseller, Natalie takes care of the other "books" by managing our accounting and payroll. She always has time for an impromptu stortime with our youngest visitors and loves helping customers find the perfect book.