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On John Lewis

Recently a friend's 12 year old son asked me about the Civil Rights Movement for a school project. I gave him John Lewis's graphic histories, March, Books 1-3. These are both Lewis's personal journey and a history of the Movement from the early 1950's to the March from Selma in 1965. They are told in long flashbacks as Lewis preparing to go to the Inauguration of Barrack Obama in January of 2009. Until last week I had not read them, foolishly assuming I knew John Lewis's story and many of the events the books covered. I was humbled and amazed at what I did not know, had forgotten, or misremembered. I urge everyone to read these vivid, sobering, and fascinating books. They are a testament to determination and bravery, and an inspiration for what is possible. 

Shortly after I wrote the above piece about John Lewis's wonderful graphic histories, he spoke out on Meet The Press about not attending the inauguration of President-elect Trump because, in his opinion, the complications of the Russian meddling in the election made the result suspect.  In his usual subtle and well thought out Tweet in response, our soon-to-be-President Trump, age 9, derided Lewis and insulted his long history of engagement in our country's betterment, and the fight for civil rights.  Please read a piece from David Remnick about the issues HERE.